Testimonial from Ralf Frohnhofer

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Ralf Frohnhofer, born 1978, is considered one of the up-and-coming saxophonists of his generation in the jazz scene of the Rhine-Main-area.

His style is marked by a sonorous sound with a warm, sunny tone and a feel for harmony and melody. His playing is sensitive and lyrical and he brings out details and the finest nuances with the utmost care.

His improvisations are impressive with their nonchalance and technical brilliance. His versatility is equally imposing. He not only plays soprano, alto, tenor and baritone saxophone, but also aims to surprise his listeners.

Breathy ballads full of feeling are as much part of his repertoire as powerful pieces with a meaty sound and fast solos featuring wild runs. Ralf Frohnhofer has been playing the saxophone since he was 15.

His teachers include David Liebman, Rich Perry, Joel Frahm, John Purcell, Walt Weiskopf, Peter Weniger, John Ruocco, Tony Lakatos, Thomas Bachmann, Steffen Weber, Paul Heller and Garry Dial. He studied arranging with Peter Herbolzheimer, Ed Partyka, and Joachim Ullrich.

He has played for the Federal Youth Jazz Orchestra “BuJazzO”, the Wurzburg Jazz Orchestra, the musical “Alice im Wonderland”, and others. He has collaborated with well-known artists such as Ack van Rooyen, Greg Abate, Terell Stafford, Thomas Gansch, Matthias Ruegg, Charlie Mariano, and Ingolf Burkardt.

In 2009 he took his degree as Music Teacher at the Conservatory of Mainz University. Since September 2009 Ralf Frohnhoefer is actually a new endorser of Aizen saxophone and mouthpieces. From October 2009 until the beginning of January 2010 he was allowed to study in New York City. Since Jan., 2nd Ralf Frohnhofer is continuing his work as a musician and teacher in Germany.