Testimonial from Yosuke Sato

The sound from the full blowing is very comfortable on the AIZEN mouthpiece. The brightness of sound is also excellent and I can easily control the intonations of each tone using the AIZEN mouthpiece.

I had put the audio file of the recorded my saxophone performance using the AIZEN ASNY 7. I was using Rico Jazz Select 4H reed there.

I hope that AIZEN keeps going to contribute for a progress of music culture with their high quality musical instruments manufacturing capabilities. Thanks to AIZEN!

AIZEN NY アルトマウスピース 演奏


Yosuke Sato was born in Tokyo, Japan and began to play jazz on guitar when he was high school student. Later on Yosuke had started to play a trumpet as the main instrument for music performance when he enter a college. He had started his carrier as a professional music performer playing alto saxophone after graduation of a college. He moved to NY, USA in 2009, and his ability was evaluated by Melvin Vines (trumpet) and Yosuke joined his band “Harlem Jazz Machine” as the regular saxophone player. The band is the regular house band at St. Nics Pub, one of the most historical jazz live houses in New York City. He had attended Gregory Porter’s CD “Water” which was nominated the Grammy award of 2010 for the “Best Jazz Vocal Album of the Year”. Yosuke’s performance can be experienced at Smoke as well, one of the most popular jazz club on Manhattan. Yosuke works as a Saxophonist, Composer, and Arranger.