Testimonial from Tingquan Lu

I have tried various brands of mouthpiece throughout my music carrier. I have been looking for mouthpieces of my ideal sound, with ease of playing. Finally, I am cheerful to find the sound playing Aizen ” Jazz Master” mouthpieces.

I find that the sound is soft and deep, compared with other markers. Aizen mouthpiece is easy to play, the sound is even through all the range of the horn.

I like the buzzy sound, that’s why I always pick up the mouthpiece with adequate resistance and control. With low resistance, it is hard to have the sound that I like, unless I change my embochure to fit the mouthpiece.

Aizen ” Jazz Master” helps me to solve those problems, I can have the warm buzzy sound with adequate resistance during the performance. That is so “Wonderful !”. I love “Jazz Master”, I love “Aizen”!.


Tingquan Lu, born in Shanghai, titled in:

– One of the earliest jazz saxophonists in China
– Saxophonist of the East Chorus of China and art director of the jazz band
– Guest professor of saxophone in Modern Music Department of Tianjin Music School
– Guest professor of saxophone in Minzu University of China Music School
– Lecturer of saxophone in Beijing Midi Music School
– Member of Chinese Musicians Association and the Central Conservatory of Music Saxophone Grade Examination Review Committee

He is expert in improvisation of traditional jazz music, with a smooth and rigorous style; he is also skilled in exploring various musical materials and creating exordinary musical images, and innovated in saxophone techniques. Furthermore, he educated a batch of excellent jazz music saxophonists, who have been the mainstream in young saxophonists. ・スgThe Saxophone Improvisation of Jazz Music・スh authored by him has been adopted as the textbook to those jazz music player.

And the textbooks authored by him:

– The Saxophone Improvisation of Jazz Music (1997)
– Introduction to Saxophone Improvisation (2002)
– Saxophone Improvisation Collections (2003)
– Techniques in Modality (2009)