Testimonial from Kris Brownlee

* If I had to describe this mouthpiece in one word, it would be “bold.” As a smooth jazz artist, I look for a tone that makes me stand out from the pack. And this mouthpiece does just that. The bold and dark tone is not dull, but very open and resonant.
The altissimo register speaks with ease and never closes up. This mouthpiece has plenty of volume too.
The large chamber handles all of the air I can throw at it without hesitation while keeping the core sound intact.
Thanks Aizen for crafting such a masterpiece.


Rising contemporary jazz saxophonist and MEGAWAVE Records artist Kris Brownlee sets the pace again, with his third full-length album, titled Sincerely Yours. Known for his smooth notes and instrumental versatility, Brownlee fuses vintage talent with accented grooves and contemporary soulful arrangements.
A Fort Wayne, Indiana, native, Brownlee’s career has roots in the Midwest jazz scene with Chicago being a home base for many years. With more than 25 years of experience, he continues to make his mark with national and international audiences.

Brownlee received critical acclaim after opening for Grammy-nominated and world renowned group The Rippingtons.

His latest album, Sincerely Yours, also features collaborations with Grammy Award-winning producer, Michael Broening, as well as other prominent contemporary jazz artists such as trumpet player Cindy Bradley, Argentinian vocalist Gabriela Anders, and legendary guitarist Freddie Fox and Jay Soto. The album’s first single, Solstice, debuted at #3 on the UK Smooth Jazz Charts and continues to gain in worldwide popularity. Since the release of Sincerely Yours, it has climbed its’ way to #9 on Amazon’s smooth jazz charts. Kris has also worked with other artists such as Jiggs Whigham, Harry Watters, Todd Williams, Mel Brown, Joel Styzens, Steve Lippia, Elizabeth Mis and many more.