Testimonial from Hubert Winter

Congratulations! Your tenor and alto mouthpieces are amazing milestones in the history of saxophone mouthpieces.

I’ve played the AIZEN 8* = 115 (LS Otto Link Slant type) tenor mouthpiece with different types of horns:

Selmer Cigar Cutter
Selmer Radio Improved (lacquered)
Selmer Radio Improved (silver plated)
Selmer Mark VI
Conn Chu Berry
King Super 20
Martin Handcraft Commitee II

And the AIZEN 7M = 81 (NY Meyer type) alto mouthpiece I’ve played with:
Selmer Radio Improved (silver plated)
Conn Chu Berry (silver plated)
Yanagisawa Siver Sonic

I’ve tried them in different playing situations from small groups to big band. And I also tried different kinds of reeds.

In every combination the AIZEN mouthpieces are working great. They have free-blowing response but still enough resistance, which provides a very comfortable playing feel. I can easyly play 4 octaves from the low register to the very high altissimo. Intonation is well balanced even with the more difficult・スg horns. The sound has full bottom, resonant mid-range and a rich amount of overtones which results in an overall big tone, that is powerful but not screaming. Having both the strength for playing lead in a big band section and the flexibily you need in various combo settings the mouthpieces are excellent for different kinds of music.

I had tried many mouthpieces and refacings of famous manufacturers, some of them were the most expensive you can get. But I’ve never been so happy as with the AIZEN mouthpieces. There is no reason any more for the endless search for a vintage Link or Meyer that is working as well as affordable. AIZEN combines all the good aspects of the world greatest mouthpieces. I highly recommend AIZEN mouthpieces to all of my students and colleagues and look forward to new AIZEN products coming up in the future.

Thank you so much for this great job!

Best regards,
Hubert Winter


Saxophonist Hubert Winter led concerts and festival appearances in 13 different countries so far. In addition, he participated in over 20 CD-/LP-Alben.

He has been working as a lecturer at the College of Music Nuremberg and at the First-graders Wurzburg.He completed a music degree at the Hermann Zilcher Conservatory, Wurzburg, and at the New School for Social Research / Department of jazz man, New York,where he lived and worked for a year.

His teachers were Chris Beier, Richie Beirach, Jerry Bergonzi, George Garzone, Karsten Gorzel, Billy Harper, Dave Liebman, Junior Mance, Phil Markowitz, Henry Martin, Bob Mintzer, Richard Roblee, Reggie Workman, Pete Yellin, Leszek Zadlo Others

The two statements “graduate teacher” and a “certified musicians” were awarded to him with honors.During his more than 20 years of teaching practice, he gained teaching experience at several schools, and teaches at various workshops.